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More and more information is being shared via the Internet, particularly through the use of e-mail. We wish to provide an organized framework and a set of guidelines and expectations to ensure appropriate and consistent use of provider/patient e-mail at Sunset Cardiology.

Conditions for the Use of E-mail

Sunset Cardiology will use reasonable means to protect the security and confidentiality of e-mail information sent and received. However, Sunset Cardiology cannot guarantee the security and confidentiality of e-mail communication, and will not be liable for improper disclosure of confidential information that is not caused by Sunset Cardiology’s intentional misconduct. Thus, patient consent to the use of e-mail is required and includes agreement with the following conditions.

Sunset Cardiology will use e-mail to communicate the following:
Receive comments from patients - compliments, concerns, suggestions
Receive requests for forms to release or transfer a medical record
Communicate information about Sunset Cardiology’s policy and procedures
Communicate information such as a patient newsletter, seminar/event notification and registration, medical or drug alerts, announcements, disaster information, new services, new staff, etc.
Sunset Cardiology may forward patient e-mails internally to our staff. Sunset Cardiology will not forward e-mails to independent third parties without your prior written consent, except as authorized or required by law.

Sunset Cardiology will not disclose your e-mail address to any third party without prior written consent.
You should not use e-mail for medical emergencies or other time sensitive matters. You should not use e-mail to communicate medical information, particularly sensitive medical information.
Sunset Cardiology is not liable for breaches of confidentiality caused by you or any third party.

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